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The Reaffirmation of American Foreign Policy

This presidential election has been the most tumultuous in modern American history. Many Americans worry that American democracy is being irreparably damaged, and that our country's best relationships around the world are in grave danger. Such concerns are simple common... Continue Reading →

Sudan Continues Its Evolution

Few Americans know much about Sudan. Now is a time to pay attention. Some know that Sudan's capital is Khartoum and senior citizens might remember the 1966 British epic movie, "Khartoum", which tells the story of the 1881 Islamist Mahdi... Continue Reading →

Macron’s Helpful Defeat

French president Emmanuel Macron’s La République en Marche party lost the country’s recent municipal elections and thus, commentators said, he’s more vulnerable in the 2022 election even though there is no visible candidate with a chance to beat him.  But... Continue Reading →

The Use of Emanuel Macron

What’s the use of Emmanuel Macron? France’s president Emmanuel Macron is one of the few European or even world leaders that Americans know of. This is significant. It’s partly because of contemporary France’s legacy status in American culture and politics.... Continue Reading →

Pandemic, Nationalism and Global Governance

Understanding the coronavirus pandemic in historical terms involves two levels of analysis. First is the pandemic as a global health problem. Second is the consequences of the pandemic for national, international and global governance. So far, and rightly so, the... Continue Reading →

Baghdadi’s Death and the Future of ISIS

The killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, self-proclaimed caliph of the Islamic State, is not the end of ISIS. But what ISIS becomes now is not clear either. Some believe that Baghdadi’s elimination last week, and now the movement’s official spokesman,... Continue Reading →

Macron’s World: How the New French President Is Remaking France

 Macron's World:  How the New French President Is Remaking France by Ronald Tiersky Foreign Affairs  January/February 2018

Whose Responsibility Is It To Deal With The North Korean Threat?

Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping will meet at Mar-a-Lago April 6-7, with the Chinese trade surplus and the North Korean threat highest on the agenda. Which country should take the lead in dealing with Kim Jong-un’s regime is the... Continue Reading →

New Realities in North America: Seminar on President Donald Trump’s Election

Ronald Tiersky seminar in Buenos AiresArgentine Council on Foreign RelationsMarch 9, 2017

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